Vernehmlassungsantwort zur Ergänzung des Bundesgesetzes gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb
09.10.17 16:34

Der Schweizerische Verband der Telekommunikation (asut) wurde am 16. Juni 2017 zur Stellungnahme zur «Parlamentarischen Initiative 13.426 – Stillschweigende Verlängerung von Dienstleistungsverträgen» eingeladen.

Hier finden Sie die Stellungnahme.

Präsentation 56. Lunch-Forum, 22. September 2017
22.09.17 17:00

Mobile interception: risks and countermeasures for corporate and government

Interception of mobile conversations is something we have all heard about in the news, with keywords like Snowden, Echelon, NSA, Mrs Merkel and so on. Voice and Messaging applications used in the private life are penetrating the professional world. Is the security level of these Apps really appropriate in protecting professional communications? Depending on your type of business, voice conversations or messaging that your users carry over their mobile could be of high interest for a competitor, a state agency or a criminal organization. Unfortunately the risk is increasing as it gets easier and cheaper for a malicious actor to acquire tools such as malicious application, IMSI catcher, etc.

Bernard Benoit, General Manager White Noise and Alain Henriette, Product Line Manager at Kudelski Security, Switzerland’s largest cybersecurity company, will provide you with insight about the current situation, the increasing risks and how to appreciate the effectiveness of the available countermeasures. During a live demo, they will show the limits of a well-known Voice and Messaging application.

As a world leading provider of security solutions for PayTV, Kudelski Security developed WHITE NOISE, a brand new Swiss technology to efficiently secure mobile communications for corporate or government organizations: Bernard Benoit will infom you about the product in a brief presentation.